Welcome to Corvey

Our School focuses on these core values:Democracy, Creativity and Health

Following democratic principles

From the very beginning our students learn to solve problems in class respectfully, organise political debates, plan activities and tackle problems.
An outstanding feature of our school is the amount of responsibility that is given to the students. Within class the students organise their ‘councils’ to plan activities, organise and solve problems applying fixed rules. Older students help the younger students with their work and even give lessons to the younger ones.
We promote democratic action and (gender) equality, diversity of opinions, tolerance and personal commitment as well as critical thinking. Gymnasium Corveystraße has been granted the certificate ‘school without racism but courage’.

Being creative

As Hamburg’s pioneers of school drama we professionally combine drama, art and music. We set up specific drama classes that realise scenes in various projects following the principle: from practice to performance. Developing a composition, work on theatrical moments that eventually lead to performances on stage, demand a variety of skills to be learned by our students. Our assembly hall with a professionally equipped stage as well as our outdoor amphitheatre, used for smaller performances, offer excellent creative space for our students and for the audience.
Besides regular music and art lessons, our students learn to supervise sound engineering during stage performances and participate in creating stage props.

Feeling healthy and comfortable

We are taking a comprehensive approach to healthcare, from prevention, nutrition advice and HIV education to first-aid classes. Our health education and information day is organised by our seniors who pass on their knowledge to the younger students, promoting body awareness for the younger students, learning how to place a person in the recovery position or how to perform CPR.

Our school is equipped with a sports ground and various climbing facilities alongside rest areas. Our students are educated to be ‘climate protectors’ taking care of well ventilated classrooms. We have been awarded the title ‘Environmental School in Europe’. In cooperation with our local university hospital our students gain insight into research, lab work and future job profiles within the field of health and science. So our students show a good understanding of how to keep healthy and safe. We are providing our youth with a convincing orientation in regards of training and their future careers.

Translation: Kerstin Cummins